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Who we are

Piedmont Arbitration Chamber, coordinator:
In Italy Chambers of Commerce (public entities) have a task provided by the law for ADR services. The Piedmont Arbitration Chamber is an association of Chambers of commerce of the Piedmont region, set up in 1995 with the aim of fostering arbitration and other alternative dispute resolution procedures. It also involves in its Board the associations of barristers, accountants and notaries. The Arbitration Chamber has introduced fast arbitration and mediation rules besides the ordinary arbitration ones because, as far as small commercial disputes are concerned, the demand for justice does not find an answer in traditional arbitration proceedings, which are too expensive and often long-lasting, in comparison with the small amount in dispute. The Arbitration Chamber administers ADR proceedings, it organizes trainings for arbitrators and mediators and initiatives to spread among professionals and companies the use of ADR. It has been officially accredited as Training Centre for Mediators by the Italian Ministry of Justice.

Bilbao Chambers of Commerce, partner:
The program proposed by the Bilbao Chamber of Commerce will be disseminated between its members: the Bar Association, Engineers Association, Architects Association, Auditors Association, Notary Association and the Law Faculty of Deusto University.This Chamber is also considering the collaboration of the Justice Department of the Basque Goverment with the idea of involving judges and judicial secretaries in the program, who could be interested in alternative dispute resolution. All these actions aim an important spread of the project and, more specifically, of the Seminars for training Mediators.

University of Turin, partner
Università degli Studi di Torino is a public University. The Law Department is a scientific branch of the “Università degli Studi di Torino” that deals with formation, training and research in every field of law. In 2009, 138 Professors in Law and 18 administrative employees, worked in the Law Department. Professors of the Law Department teach both in the Faculty of Law of the Unversity of Torino and in the Faculty of Political Science of the Unversity of Torino. The Law Department deals also with projects for the development of the public law library of the University.

InfoCamere, partner: (Tinnova before 1 july 2011)
InfoCamere is the technological partner for the institutions and the Public Administration for the creation of new models for the supply of services and for bringing the individual closer to the enterprise. An institutional expert with whom the public authorities, the universities, research institutes, trade associations can start up and develop pilot projects for technological innovation, or qualify their own performance by making use of the safety and quality services for electric and electronic appliances

Associate partners:
Chambre Interprofessionelle de Médiation and Arbitrage (Lyon-France)


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